Top 4 Housing Societies on Chakri Road, Rawalpindi

Top 4 Housing Societies on Chakri Road, Rawalpindi


Are you seeking quality and affordable housing in Rawalpindi? Have a Look why why societies on Chakri Road are best for investment, a thriving area that presents a a lot of opportunities for both investors and buyers. With a variety of housing societies catering to diverse features and requirements, Chakri Road is fast becoming a favored destination for those looking to secure their ideal home. In this blog, we will talk about top 4 housing societies on Chakri Road, showcasing their offerings and potential.

1. Capital Smart City Islamabad: Pioneering Modern Living

At the forefront is Capital Smart City Islamabad, Pakistan's inaugural smart city project, designed to provide a modern, sustainable living environment. With full legal approval, its prime location along Chakri Road, easily accessible from the motorway and the airport, adds to its appeal. The society boasts an array of residential and commercial properties, varying in size and price, ensuring a perfect fit for every need.

Why Choose Capital Smart City?

1. Resources Management

The city's eco-friendly plan emphasizes sustainable infrastructure, ensuring adequate water, electricity, and waste management systems. Natural resources are conserved, maintaining the surrounding environment and promoting peace for residents.

2. Affordable Rates

The Early stage development offers luxurious facilities at affordable rates, making it an excellent opportunity for investors. Prices are expected to rise as the master plan develops, making early investment advantageous.

3. Low Cost Installment Plans

The easy installment plan caters to both property buyers and investors, providing flexibility and affordability. Options include various plot sizes and types, ensuring a suitable choice for different investors.

4. Approved Capital Smart City

Overseas Prime Block is part of the approved Capital Smart City, securing its legitimacy. The project holds necessary certifications and NOCs from relevant authorities, offering peace of mind to investors and its credibility increases.

5. Safe & Secure Community

Capital Smart City prioritizes safety with features like boundary walls, high-tech security, CCTV cameras, and guarded entry points. Residents enjoy a secure living environment, essential for a successful investment.

6. High Yield Investment Returns

Capital Smart City's unique features and affordability and its known developers contribute to high yield investment returns. Its smart city design and modern amenities attract investors seeking substantial returns on their investment.

2. Blue World City Islamabad: First Tourist Destination in Pakistan

A remarkable endeavor by a Chinese firm, Blue World City promises a Pak China friendly environment. Catering to CPEC workers and investors, it offers plots, apartments, villas, and farmhouses, all varying in size and price, ensuring inclusivity. It was made as the first tourist city of Pakistan.

Exclusive Features of Blue World City

The society showcases a replica of the iconic Blue Mosque in Istanbul, an emblem of Pak China cultural harmony. Other attractions include an international standard hospital, school, a captivating water theme park, and an adventurous safari zoo. It aslo includes the top world brand of coffee, The second cup of coffee that is also a place for teh coffee lovers. Investing in this mega project is not only profitable but also promises high future value and demand.

1. Pak-China Friendly City

As the first of its kind Pak China friendly city in Pakistan, Blue World City showcases a strong bilateral relationship, featuring Chinese architecture, infrastructure, and cultural elements.

2. Themed Architecture

The city's aesthetic charm is elevated by its thematic architecture inspired by the rich heritage. This distinct design approach gives the city a visually captivating and vibrant atmosphere.

3. Tourism and Entertainment

Blue World City offers an array of entertainment options, including a water theme park, sports facilities, and recreational spaces,a tourist attractions that creating a lively environment for residents and tourists alike.

4. Affordable Housing

Focusing on affordability, the city provides a variety of residential options, and easy installment plans which make it accessible to a diverse range of residents, from young professionals to families.

3. Kingdom Valley Islamabad : Nay Pakistan Housing Program

A budget friendly  option, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, located close to M-2 and Islamabad International Airport, holds PHATA approval and is a part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Program.

Why Invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad: 

1.Prime Location

Ideally situated near M-2 Islamabad Lahore Motorway for excellent accessibility. Proximity to key roads, including International Islamabad Airport and M-1 Peshawar Islamabad Motorway.

2.100% Approved Project

Holds NOC under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, ensuring legal status. Approved projects ensure timely completion and property delivery.

3.Experienced Developers

Developed by Kingdom Group with a track record of successful projects. Core values of truth, teamwork, responsibility, and skill drive quality development.

4. Well Planned Project

Master plan designed by experts, offering a variety of property sizes. Divided into residential, commercial, farmhouse, and overseas blocks.

5.Affordable Price Plan

Offers cost-effective rates with easy installment plans. Various payment plans catering to different preferences.

6.Salient Features

Encompasses a range of features like a grand mosque, eco-community, education complex, and more. World-class infrastructure, sports complex, medical facilities, and security.

7.Modern Amenities

Complete set of luxurious amenities including green areas and parks. Focus on eco-friendly environment, grand mosque, water resources, and community center.

8. High Return on Investment (ROI)

Assures a high return on investment, offering a profitable opportunity. Investment safety guaranteed by Tajarat Properties.

9.Luxury to Affordability Ratio

Balances luxury and affordability, appealing to investors.

Promises an ultra luxurious lifestyle within a budget friendly investment.

Investing in Kingdom Valley Islamabad presents a prime opportunity to secure your future in a well-planned, approved project by experienced developers, offering a range of modern amenities and attractive affordability. With its strategic location, approved status, and promising ROI, Kingdom Valley is the smart choice for both seasoned and new investors looking for a rewarding real estate venture.

4. Star Enclave Islamabad: Eco Friendly Oasis

For those yearning for a tranquil and environmentally conscious lifestyle, Star Enclave Islamabad beckons. Located strategically near major thoroughfares, it boasts a stunning lake and lush greenery. 

Experience the Charm of Star Enclave

In addition to the picturesque lake, verdant parks, and gardens, Star Enclave offers a range of modern amenities including security, electricity, water, gas, sewerage, a mosque, school, hospital, commercial area, and community center. This housing project strikes the perfect balance between nature and contemporary living.


These top 4 housing societies on Chakri Road provide the best of value: which are offering a serene, modern, and convenient lifestyle. Whether you're an investor or a homebuyer, the options are designed to cater to your needs. Reach out to us through our website to explore plot, villa, apartment, or farmhouse options in these societies. Our team offers expert guidance and consultation, ensuring you make the right choice for your future. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more insights from the ever evolving real estate landscape.