Avalon City Islamabad

Avalon City Islamabad

Unlocking a Vision of Modern Living: Avalon City Islamabad

In the realm of Islamabad's real estate landscape, a new star is on the rise, Avalon City Islamabad. This upcoming state of the art housing project stands as a testament to innovation, affordability, and excellence. With its strategic location, world class amenities, and visionary features, Avalon City Islamabad is poised to reshape the way we perceive modern living.

Crafting a Future: The Vision Behind Avalon City

At the heart of Avalon City lies a vision of a tech enabled society that seamlessly merges convenience, luxury, and innovation. This ambitious project has captured the attention of both prospective buyers and savvy investors, thanks to its strategic approach to affordable housing. As the first of its kind in Pakistan, Avalon City is set to usher in a new era where technology and modernity converge to create an unparalleled living experience.

Embarking on a Journey with Avalon City

Avalon City Islamabad isn't just a housing project; it's a promise of excellence. With an unwavering commitment to deliver top-notch features at an affordable rate, Avalon City is positioning itself as a pioneer in the real estate industry. Guided by trusted owners, developers, and designers, this society is on a mission to redefine living standards.

Owners, Developers, and Designers

The foundation of any exceptional housing society rests on the shoulders of its owners, developers, and designers. In Avalon City's case, it's a trifecta of excellence. Owned by the esteemed Ex-governor Sindh, Imran Ismail, this project bears the seal of trustworthiness. The driving force behind its development is the renowned ZKB Developers, known for their commitment to quality and timely project delivery. The architectural prowess comes from Urban Solutions PVT LTD, a name synonymous with iconic projects across Pakistan.

From Vision to Reality: ZKB Engineers & Constructors

Directory Master

ZKB Developers, the driving force behind Avalon City, have a rich history of successful projects in the real estate realm. Their commitment to timely project delivery and adherence to promised standards sets them apart. With over 152 completed projects, ZKB Developers have left an indelible mark on Pakistan's infrastructure landscape. From power and transportation projects to oil and gas pipeline constructions, their work touches lives across the nation.

Architectural Brilliance: Urban Solutions PVT LTD

The designers and architects of Avalon City Islamabad, Urban Solutions PVT LTD, bring their expertise to the table. Their portfolio is adorned with famous projects that have enhanced the urban fabric of Pakistan. Their involvement with Avalon City ensures that every detail, from aesthetic appeal to functional brilliance, is meticulously planned and executed.

Location and Connectivity

The location of a housing society is pivotal, and Avalon City Islamabad understands this well. Nestled on the coveted main Chakri Road, near Chakri Interchange, Avalon City boasts an idyllic setting that offers easy access to major transportation arteries. Situated within proximity to Islamabad International Airport, Capital Smart City, and other prominent housing societies, Avalon City stands as a beacon of convenience and connectivity.

Mastering the Art of Living: Avalon City Islamabad's Master Plan

Avalon City Islamabad isn't just a housing society; it's a meticulously crafted masterpiece. Spanning 5000 Kanal, its master plan incorporates cutting-edge technology, top-class architecture, and high-end amenities. As the on-ground development progresses, each element is carefully brought to life. The society caters to diverse needs, offering 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal Residential plots, ensuring blend of space and community.

Affordable Luxury: Avalon City Islamabad Payment Plan

In an effort to make luxurious living accessible, Avalon City Islamabad offers a flexible payment plan. With a 3-year installment model featuring 36 monthly payments, the society opens its doors to various budgetary preferences. The down payment of just 10% ensures that your dreams of owning a piece of Avalon City can be realized without undue financial strain. Avalon City proudly presents its exquisite residential plots, available in three convenient sizes: 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Embrace a life of elegance, where every amenity and feature is meticulously designed to enhance your living experience.

🌟 Pre-Launch Rates: 

Be among the first to seize the opportunity! Avalon City presents its pre-launch rates for residential plots, providing you a chance to secure your dream plot at an exceptional value.

🏠 Residential Plot Options:

1. 5 Marla: 

Dive into the charming realm of a 5 Marla plot. With a 10% down payment upon booking, you'll embark on a 3-year journey to make this plot truly yours. Monthly installments of just RS. 21,000/- ensure your financial comfort while you see your dreams unfold. The total price of your 5 Marla starts at RS. 1,350,000/-.

2. 10 Marla: 

Elevate your living space to grandeur with a 10 Marla plot. A mere 10% down payment reserves your piece of 10 Marla Plot, followed by 36 monthly installments of RS. 38,000/-. This thoughtfully crafted payment plan paves the way for you to own a 10 Marla marvel, with a starting price of RS. 2,490,000/-.

3. 1 Kanal: 

It starts with a 10% down payment, setting the stage for an awe inspiring 3 year installment plan. Monthly installments of RS. 78,000/- ensure a seamless path to claiming your 1 Kanal masterpiece. The starting price for this luxurious plot is RS. 4,690,000/-.

Salient Features and Amenities

A society is made ideal with the features, amenities, and attractions it provides, and Avalon City Islamabad is no exception. As Pakistan's pioneering technology based city, Avalon City is poised to redefine contemporary living by offering a comprehensive array of cutting edge amenities and attractions that truly set it apart. At the heart of Avalon City's vision lies a commitment to deliver a lifestyle that seamlessly blends modernity with comfort. To that end, the city embraces an array of world-class technological features that collectively establish it as a unique and groundbreaking destination.

1. Secure Gated Community:

Ensuring your peace of mind is our priority. Avalon City is meticulously designed as a secure gated community. With carefully managed access points and state of the art security protocols, your safety and privacy are never compromised.

2. 24/7 Security Surveillance:

Constant vigilance is the hallmark of Avalon City's security framework. Our advanced surveillance systems work tirelessly around the clock to keep a watchful eye on the community, enhancing safety for all residents and guests. Your sense of security is our steadfast commitment.

3. Health Facilities:

Avalon City understands the significance of accessible healthcare. Through its international standard health facilities, residents can enjoy convenient access to medical services of the highest caliber. Your well being is nurtured through an environment that prioritizes health and wellness.

4. Education Facilities:

Education is the foundation of progress, and Avalon City takes this principle to heart. With a range of top notch educational institutions within its bounds, the city caters to the intellectual growth of its residents. Nurturing young minds and fostering a culture of learning, Avalon City is where knowledge finds a home.

5. Essential Utilities - Water, Gas & Electricity:

Avalon City's commitment to modern living extends to ensuring seamless access to essential utilities. Residents can rest assured that water, gas, and electricity services are consistently available, eliminating concerns and empowering a hassle free lifestyle.

6. Carpeted Roads:

Navigating Avalon City is a seamless experience thanks to its meticulously crafted carpeted roads. Whether you're commuting, jogging, or taking a leisurely stroll, the smooth roadways ensure that every journey is a comfortable one.

7. Jamia Mosque:

Spirituality finds a place of reverence within Avalon City with the majestic Jamia Mosque at its heart. A place of solace and community, the mosque stands as a symbol of unity, offering a serene environment for reflection and worship.

8. Greenbelts & Streetlights:

Embracing the beauty of nature, Avalon City boasts lush greenbelts that breathe life into the urban landscape. Paired with thoughtfully placed streetlights, these green spaces become enchanting havens, promoting relaxation and social interactions.

9. Maintenance Services:

The harmony of Avalon City's urban living is maintained by a dedicated team of professionals. Our comprehensive maintenance services ensure that the society remains in pristine condition, allowing residents to focus on what truly matters enjoying life to the fullest.

Avalon City Islamabad stands as a testament to the possibilities of combining technological innovation with the essentials of modern living. With its blend of world class amenities, latest technology, and a commitment to holistic well being, Avalon City redefines urban living in Pakistan. It's not just a city; it's a lifestyle that beckons you to experience the future of living today.

Invest with Confidence, Reasons to Choose Avalon City

The decision to invest is rooted in trust, opportunity, and value. Avalon City Islamabad offers all three. With renowned ownership, development by ZKB Developers, and architectural brilliance by Urban Solutions PVT LTD, the society boasts an impressive origin. Its ideal location, affordability, and high tech features make it a beacon of promise for investors seeking substantial returns.

1. Established Market Presence

Avalon City Islamabad's strategic location opposite Capital Smart City and surrounded by renowned housing societies like Blue World City and Abdullah City has already established a robust real estate market in the Chakri Road area. With a saturated market and established housing communities, Avalon City presents a smart investment choice.

2. Prime Accessibility and Location

Located on Main Chakri Road, Avalon City Islamabad benefits from a prime location that significantly influences land value. The exceptional accessibility via Chakri Interchange and the route from Rawalpindi through Dhamyal Camp enhances its appeal, adding to its real estate value.

3. Proximity to Capital Smart City Interchange

Capital Smart City's dedicated Interchange on Main Motorway serves as a catalyst for Avalon City's accessibility. As the Interchange is established, Avalon City will become seamlessly connected, offering direct access via the M-2 Motorway and Chakri Road, enhancing its convenience.

4. Linked to Ring Road Rawalpindi

The impending Ring Road project, despite its fluctuations, maintains the Chakri Interchange as a constant fixture. This interchange will prove vital for Avalon City's connection to Ring Road, opening doors to greater connectivity across Rawalpindi, including areas like Adyala Road.

5. Efficiently Managed Small Scale Community

Avalon City Islamabad's compact size ensures efficient management, avoiding the issues that often arise in larger societies. With focused attention, this smaller community promises smoother operations and timely project deliveries.

6. Affordable Price Points

Avalon City Islamabad stands out with its affordable pricing structure. Comparatively lower prices for plots, such as 05 Marla plots for just Rs. 1,350,000, 10 Marla plots for Rs. 2,490,000 and 01 Kanal plots for Rs. 4,690,000 on a convenient 36-month installment plan, make it an attractive investment opportunity.

Steps of Booking Procedure for Avalon City

Galaxy Marketing simplifies the booking process for Avalon City, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The procedure is thoughtfully designed for your convenience and entails the following steps:

1. Fill Out the Reservation Form

Begin by completing the reservation form. This form captures essential details necessary for processing your booking. Your accurate information ensures a seamless process.

2.Attach Required Documents

To proceed with your reservation, attach copies of the applicants' CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) and the CNIC of your next of kin. These documents are essential for verification and authentication purposes.

3.Make Initial Payment

Seal your reservation by making the initial payment. You can choose between money order, check, or cash payment methods. The down payment secures your chosen plot within Avalon City.

4.Confirmation and Commencement

Once your documents are verified and the payment is confirmed, your journey as an Avalon City owner begins. You'll receive confirmation of your booking, marking the commencement of your exciting venture into this exceptional housing society.

Galaxy Marketing is committed to making your path to owning a piece of Avalon City as smooth as possible. Our efficient and streamlined process ensures that you embark on your journey towards an exceptional living experience without unnecessary complexities.

Strengths and Weakness of Avalon city Islamabad: A Balanced Perspective

As with any endeavor, it's essential to weigh the strengths and weaknesses. While Avalon City Islamabad shines with renowned ownership, developers, and designers, it's important to acknowledge that development is a process. The society's commitment to excellence is evident, even in the midst of ongoing progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Avalon City Islamabad? 

Ans 1: Avalon City is an innovative residential housing society redefining modern living in Pakistan.

Q2: Where is Avalon City located? 

Ans 2: Strategically positioned on main Chakri Road, near Chakri Interchange, it offers convenience and connectivity.

Q3: Is the NOC approved? 

Ans 3: The NOC is a work in progress, showcasing the society's dedication to fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Q4: Who is the owner of Avalon City?

Ans 4: Imran Ismail, ex-governor Sindh, stands as the trusted owner and chairman of Avalon City.

Q6: Who are the developers and designers? 

Ans 6: ZKB Developers and Urban Solutions PVT LTD lend their expertise to crafting Avalon City's brilliance.

Q7: What plot sizes are available?

Ans 7: Choose from 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal Residential plots, tailored to your preferences.

Q8: Is Avalon City a profitable investment? 

Ans 8: Absolutely. Backed by a highly reputed Developer and onwer, technology, and affordability, it holds the promise of a high ROI.

In Conclusion

As we stand on the cusp of a new era in real estate, Avalon City Islamabad beckons with open arms. Its commitment to technology, affordability, and innovation sets it apart as a revolutionary housing society. With every feature meticulously planned, every amenity designed to elevate your lifestyle, and a team of trusted stakeholders at the helm, Avalon City is more than a society – it's an invitation to embrace the future of modern living.